Story of Lobha Deepthis

Since 2001

At its core every desire springs from wanting to feel good. One could say the entirity of our life is a journey to fulfill this want. Lobha is Sanskrit for that desire to feel good within ourselves and without.

We make you feel good in the textiles, prints and crafts unique to Bharat while supporting the unknown, always hard working talents of the nation, whom we call our Kaarigars.

We believe that to illuminate the world with the delicate, simple beauty of who we are and how we are is the true femininity. Lobha Deepthis literally translates to 'Desire to illuminate'.

LD strives to craft the clothing that allows you to express yourself with utmost comfort and abandon.

We travel in search of those unknown craftsmen, the ones who do not undersign but overdelivers, who are in each and every corner of Bharat, to find comfortable and breathable fabrics with the simplest of designs but rich in details and stories (as with all things handmade).

We design, engineer and handcraft them into perfectly stitched ready-to-wears, nuanced and detailed sarees & blouses or contemporary and chic tops and co-ord sets! 

In this process, we have realised that it is truly the fitting of a dress that makes it truly beautiful. To not only be fit for the unique bodies we all are gifted with but also fit for the environment and nature around us. These are the things we pay attention to, and this is our promise to you- Handcrafted clothing carefully and thoughtfully crafted to make you feel good inside and out, to make you feel dancing like a heroine in a nostalgic Bollywood Romcom.

"While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman." - Mary Kay Ash

The Deepthi in Deepthis

Deepthi Biju- Founder and Chief Designer, Lobha Deepthis

Completed her graduation in Electronics, Maths, Physics from Christ University, Bangalore, trained to be a teacher, but destiny had other plans.

She fondly remembers her childhood- wandering around Kochi town with her Ammachi who is trying to find that right dress for her princess, Ammachi stitching and converting the priced handloom sarees into skirts and blouses for her school celebrations.

All the ways clothing shapes our memories...and how love takes the shape of threads.

Deepthi did not believe in destinies; she wanted to create something, something more, something different, than what she could do as a teacher.

Deepthi started in a 250 sq. ft. room in Thuruthy, Changanacherry. She trained and employed 2 rural women from Kerala as tailors while serving the role of master cutter herself. Over time, the boutique grew to become one of the most reputable tailoring centers in Kottayam, for the immaculate stitching and craftsmanship with more than 40 women working directly under her.

Fast forward to 2019, after having visited almost all the textile centres of India to find the right sarees and churidar materials to sell to her loyal customer base, she had the desire to showcase the fabrics and crafts that are unique to Bharat. She identified a gap in market for branded ready-to-wears, women's kurtas which are perfectly stitched and crafted. 

This drove her to shift away from custom tailoring to manufacturing handcrafted kurtas with the same immaculate stitch and finish she delivered in her premium tailoring center.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the showroom could not be opened anymore, Deepthi did not want to let her workers down. They were over 70 from different parts of North India. Sensing an opportunity in the online space, she and manager in-charge, Mr. Rajesh Nair, started to showcase the clothing via Social media videos not-so professionally, but passionately shot on an android phone by her daughter, Anna. 

Fast forward again to 2023, and here we are.

Lobha Deepthis supports the lives of 1500+ rural men and women engaged in traditional handicrafts, providing employment and preserving the country's heritage. 

Right now, she's got a team of 150+ skilled artisans (kaarigars) working directly under her. Her big dream? To have a factory with 10,000+ artisans, where she can even move in once her kids are all grown up.


At Lobha Deepthis, we understand the subtle beauty of handcrafted clothing and the invaluable human attention and effort that goes into it. We believe in delivering immaculate stitching, fitting, and finishing in every garment, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to showcase the unique fabrics and crafts of Bharat in perfectly fitting and neatly finished clothing, supporting the lives of rural men and women engaged in textile crafts across India. Along with spreading our online presence and ecommerce sales, we aim to launch a retail chain nationwide and be a part of restoring India's legacy as the clothier of the world.

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